The new year brings with it new training updates.

This month we had our fire training, where we are all reminded of the risks, what to do in a fire,  what extinguishers to use  and where. An incredibly informative  and hands on training afternoon through Zone safety Training, where we all had the opportunity to have a go at putting out a real, if controlled fire.

More and more we see articles being published regarding gum disease and its links to other illnesses and so we would like to bring up the importance of  dental hygienist visits. Many people think of a trip to see the hygienist as ‘just a scrape and polish.’ It is so much more.  Did you know that during your routine appointments your hygienist is:

. Checking to ensure that the tissues in your mouth are healthy and free of disease.

. Removing harmful bacteria from your mouth that collects along and inside your gums.

. Keeping you safe from gum disease which has links to other health issues such as heart problems and diabetes.

. Prolonging the life of your teeth

. And of course giving you a whiter brighter fresher smile.

We have produced new literature at the Practice explaining what gum disease is and it’s effects together with treatment information to  help prevent it. Please do ask your hygienist at your next appointment for a copy if you would like further information. Until then, keep brushing and cleaning in between the teeth.